ElliTrack-D2 opgerold 450x450
logger dimensionsheight (ex. cable gland): 90 mm
length: 98 mm
width: 53 mm
materialPOM, lexane and SS
protection classIP67 / 2 meter under water for 2 hours max.
display functions- (real-time) measurement
- waterlevel with respect tot top of well
- cable length
- data transmission
- GSM signal strength
- battery level
- temperature in sensor
battery type (user exchangeable)Lithium 3V6 14Ah
battery capacity1500 transmissions minimum
sensor typeabsolute or barometric pressure compensated
barometric pressure compensation of housingGORE filter
measurementswater pressure
temperature in sensor
temperature in logger
data published on ElliTrack.nlwaterlevel [cm]
temperature in sensor [°C]
temperature in logger [°C]
log interval timeselectable 1 minute - 1 hour
data transmission interval timeselectable 5 minutes - 1 day
range0...5 meter water column
0...10 meter water column
0...15 meter water column
0...20 meter water column
other ranges on request
resolution of the measurement0.01 cm